Gift Registries

  • http://www.alternativegiftregistry.org/

    Our registry is at AlternativeGiftRegistry.org. You can read about why on the "A Green Wedding?" page. It's a little unconventional, so here's a description of how it works:

    • Search for "Swiston" or "Barker" (Swiston works better because there's only one). You don't even need to specify registry type.
    • View registry. You'll notice that we have listed items that we do not need. We have also included pictures of our colour schemes.
    • Scroll down past the colour schemes to see the registry list. We have included several links to examples of the items, and to online and physical stores, whenever possible.
    • If you would like to gift something, click "give gift". It will take you to a new page, but you'll have to scroll down past the colour schemes again to see it. Here it will ask you to enter some information, such as the number of items you are purchasing and your name (if you would like confirmation).

    Added on Sun, May 17th 2009