• PHOTO Links

    Here are the links to our various photos. NOTE that at this time (November 4th), we have NOT uploaded our professional photos yet, and so all of these groups are photos contributed by family members.

    When you're viewing an album/set of photos, you can view the photos in slideshow format by clicking the link in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, you can click through photos individually by clicking on one photo and then clicking the thumbnails that appear to the right of the large photo.

    All Wedding Photos - A link to a Flickr group where you will find ALL of our wedding photos.
    100 Wedding Faves - 100 of our (re: my) favourite wedding photos.
    Professional Photos - this is where all of our favourite professional photos will be uploaded, once we receive the DVD and start uploading.
    Wedding Collection
    - Here, you will be able to view all of the various albums/sets of photos.

    Added by Nicole on Wed, Nov 4th 2009

  • professional pictures available for vewing

    We just received word that our professional photos are all available for viewing on our photographer's website. (Client Login is KyleNicole)

    WARNING: there are a LOT OF PHOTOS.

    Once we receive a DVD of photos, we'll post a more manageable number on my Flickr

    Added by Nicole on Sat, Oct 24th 2009

  • Married!

    Huzzah, we're married!
    We'll continue to post here with photos and other information. We didn't want to spoil too many details about the wedding ahead of time, but now that it's over, we can spill the beans on some of our choices (i.e. the whole green thing).
    But that all may take a while.
    In the meantime, here's the first batch of photos, from my parents' camera.

    Added by Nicole on Wed, Sep 16th 2009

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  • Finalized schedule!

    only one week to go...

    Kyle et al @ Tim's
    We've posted our finalized schedule on the Wedding Details page.
    Remember that you can visit the zoo as early as 9am. Just make sure you're at the Africa picnic site by 1:45pm or so, at the latest, in time for the ceremony.

    PS: I love this photo of Kyle

    Added by Nicole on Sat, Sep 5th 2009

  • High Res Engagement Photos posted on Flickr

    Nicole has posted our favourite engagement photos on her Flickr photo site. They are higher resolution that the pics posted a few weeks back on Lisa McCalla's gallery. To view them, CLICK HERE.

    Also, here is Darwin in a box.

    Darwin loves box

    37 days till the wedding!

    Added by Kyle on Fri, Aug 7th 2009

  • Updates to Wedding Details

    Just a quick note to let you know that we have updated the "Wedding Details' section a little bit. It's been reorganized and a few more questions have been answered.

    Also: The hotel rooms that were reserved for the wedding are SOLD OUT. If you need rooms, please contact Karen Swiston (or contact me or Kyle and we'll connect you to Karen).

    Added by Nicole on Wed, Aug 5th 2009

  • Ok, not quite that weird

    In response to Nicole's "Weirdness Disclaimer" post below:

    I'd just like to say that those photos in Nic's previous post makes it seem as though we are going to be dressed in circus costumes at the wedding. While I'm sure Nicole would like to be dressed in a rainbow ballerina dress with fairy wings, riding on a unicorn for the wedding, she is wearing a somewhat traditional dress from the little I have heard, and I'll be in a normal tux.

    We are getting married close to the gorillas, but not in their cage or anything. Monkeys won't be spreading rose petals and holding up the train of Nicole's dress (if there is a train), even though that would be pretty cool.

    We aren't going to have any dancing because I can't dance, and attempting to makes me feel like an idiot and look like a drunken giraffe. Nic loves to dance, but not to the type of music we'd play at a wedding. Wedding cake is out in favour of a dessert buffet. I think most people would rather eat cheesecake, tarts, fruit and other treats than a gross cake that costs as much as some people's cars.

    A lot of the decorations will be made from recycled materials, and are probably amongst the weirder things at the wedding, but most of them look pretty cool. Nicole is really good with crafty things.

    Added by Kyle on Wed, Jul 29th 2009

  • Weirdness Disclaimer

    I've been reading a book that accounts the author's slightly freak-fest wedding (see picture from her wedding at right), and it has inspired me to be as up front as possible with what you will expect at our wedding. Surely from this website and from the invitations you've already realized it's not going to be a typical wedding. We're doing away with many traditions, including a church, a veil, a "wedding cake" (although we will have cake), and dancing, just to name a few. We're including only those elements of a wedding that we actually want, in an effort to simplify the wedding (not to mention reduce the ecological footprint of our wedding).
    Without going into any details, here's a few things to consider: We're getting married next to the gorillas, first of all. My favourite wedding website (in fact, the only one I visit) is called Offbeat Bride. We don't have a colour scheme. We spend our evenings hand-crafting decorations, some of which utilize recycled materials. And this bride has my dream wedding dress (although this one is a close second). In sum, you can expect a little bit of weirdness.
    Please visit the wedding details to find out some more detailed information about various aspects of the wedding, and please let us know if you have a question that is not already answered on this page somewhere. This website really is supposed to help you understand what to expect.
    Photo credit is (of course): Offbeat Bride

    Added by Nicole on Wed, Jul 29th 2009

  • Engagement Pictures

    As we mentioned in the last entry, we had an engagement shoot done in historical Unionville... 18 months after our engagement. Anyhow, we got a DVD copy of the photo shoot in the mail a couple days ago, and wanted to share a few more of our favourite pics. Check them out in the photo section!

    Added by Kyle on Thu, Jul 23rd 2009

  • Reception Music Suggestions

    We need your help!

    dance danceAlthough there won't be any (planned) dancing at the reception, there will still be music. We're starting to pick the music that will go on our playlist, and we could use your help! What songs would you like to hear? Before dinner? During dinner? After dinner?
    Leave comments below, or email me (my email address is on your invite). Serious requests only please (that means you, DAD!).

    Added by Nicole on Sun, Jul 19th 2009

  • Please leave a note to say you were here

    We like to know who's visiting...

    frog love Thank you for visiting our wed-site! We hope it is enjoyable and informative for you. While you're here, please leave a note in the guestbook (one of the links on the left-hand side), so we know who is reading it. And if you have any questions about the wedding, check out the "Wedding Details" section. If the answer is not there, please leave a note in the guestbook, or a comment on one of the entries in this updates section, or send an email, or give us a call to let us know. This wed-site is dynamic and continually growing, but we can use all the help we can get to make sure it answers all of your questions. :)

    58 days until the wedding!

    Added by Nicole on Thu, Jul 16th 2009

  • Shower + Photos!

    Busy times! This past weekend was my bridal shower for Windsor (& London & Hamilton) peoples. It was really wonderful. Big thanks to Karen, Dana, & Amy for doing such a nice job. I think gerber daisies are now officially one of my favourite flowers. And the gifts were all really great; thank you to everyone. I really loved seeing the creative wrapping ideas. We ended up with 5 or 6 reusable grocery bags and 4 backback coolers, all told. Plus plenty of tea towels! We're still working on finding homes for all of the gifts; you really spoiled us!!

    In other news, the invitations are ready to be mailed (finally!). And yes, before ask: we did make them ourselves. We designed them together one Sunday (and it did take aaaall day), and had them printed at Staples. You'll notice that we designed them to conserve paper, while still providing as much information as we could, and not looking (too) cluttered. We like them, and we hope you like them too!

    Lastly, we just received word that our engagement photos are ready for viewing online. We had the photos taken around historic Unionville, which is in Markham, Ontario, a couple of weekends ago. We think they're wonderful! You can view them online by going to LG Weddings and entering "nicole_kyle" into the client login. The photos are not downloadable, but you can view them all. Kyle and I will be receiving a DVD of all of the photos in the near future.

    Photo above by LG Weddings

    Added by Nicole on Tue, Jul 14th 2009

  • Invites going out soon(ish)

    Kyle and I designed our invitations yesterday, and we hope to have them printed later on this week. We designed them to minimize paper, and we're going to try to find a printing company that uses recycled paper. With any luck, they'll be going out later this week! The preferred method to RSVP is via this website. Click on the link at the left and then RSVP to the wedding events (i.e. ceremony, reception) that you will be attending. This will send us an email and start up an automatic record of our guests.

    In other news: We met with our officiant to start planning our ceremony. We met with our contact at the Zoo to talk about logistics of the ceremony and reception. And we had some photos taken with our photographer. That was a pretty busy weekend!

    75 more days to go. That's just over 10 weeks.

    Added by Nicole on Mon, Jun 29th 2009

  • Hotel Arrangements Available if Needed!

    Out of town guests who need to book a hotel for the wedding are encouraged to look at the wedding details page. A block of rooms will be available at the Delta Toronto East where the Swiston family will be staying.

    In other news, the wedding is in 97 days from today. Not much time left!

    Both me and Nicole received our wedding bands in the mail today, so that is one less thing to worry about. Mine is titanium while Nicole's is wood. Next steps are an engagement shoot and meeting with the officiant in Toronto on the weekend of June 22nd, as well as coming up with invitations.

    Added by Kyle on Sun, Jun 7th 2009

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  • Green Gift-wrapping

    No storebought wrapping paper here

    One of the easiest way to eco-minimalize your gift-gifting, is to completely forego traditional store-bought gift wrap. It would make me soooo happy if I only ever received gifts wrapped in newspaper for the rest of my life. However, I appreciate that some people feel uncomfortable about that, so I put together a list of interesting green, eco-minimal, eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas, here.

    Added by Nicole on Sun, May 31st 2009

  • places we've lived

    Just for Fun

    Base Cero The other day, Kyle and I were talking about all of the places we've lived. I thought it might be fun to post them.

    • Trailside, Toronto (~2 years)
    • Montgomery, Unionville (~2-3 years)
    • Shae, Unionville (~13 years)
    • Sawyer, Markham (Aunt's house, ~4 months)
    • WLU Residence, Waterloo (8 months)
    • Taurasi, Markham (~4 months)
    • Marshall, Waterloo (~8 months)
    • Spring, Waterloo (~2 years)
    • Taurasi, Markham (~4 months)
    • University, Windsor (8 months)
    • Base Cero, Costa Rica (3.5 months)
    • Campbell, Windsor (~2 years)
    • ____, Quebec City (??)

    • Empress, Windsor (~6 years)
    • Forest Glade, Windsor (~13 years)
    • Kipps, London (~3 years total)
    • Oak, Essex (2 summers)
    • Meadowbrook, Windsor (brother's apartment, 1 month)
    • Oak, Essex (1 fall)
    • Choctawhatchee Swamp, Florida (4 months)
    • Moy, Windsor (2 months)
    • Wyandotte, Windsor (~5 months)
    • University, Windsor (~3 months)
    • Campbell, Windsor (~2 years)
    • ____, Quebec City (??)

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  • general updates

    Some people are curious (worried, perhaps) about how the wedding plans are progressing, because we don't update y'all often enough. Please don't worry. If you haven't heard updates, it's because we're not the kind of people who get excited and bubbly over colour schemes and decorations. It's also because we're doing a "minimal" type of wedding, in that we are omitting traditions that we think are unnecessary, which helps to decrease the impact on the environment. There are also traditions that don't suit us, so we are omitting those as well. For example, we're not having a wedding cake, so of course I'm not going to be talking much about our cake toppers. And we're not having dancing, so we don't have to stress out over what the songs will be the first "first dances".

    We've got the venue, date, and time. We've got an officiant. We've got a photographer. We've got a tentative schedule for guests (but yes we need to work out a more detailed schedule for the day before and morning of the wedding). I've got a dress, shoes, and piece for my hair (well that last one is in the making). My bridesmaids just picked out their dresses (they're awesome!). Kyle's going to rent, as are his men.

    Big things we need to work on: Plan the reception - how to make a non-dance reception not boring for guests? Schedule the day(s) before and morning of the wedding. Meet with officiant to talk about how the ceremony will happen. Pick/write vows. Make responsibility cards for wedding party. Make and send out invitations. Get a tan so I'm not pasty white and blend into my dress hahaha.

    Added by Nicole on Sun, May 24th 2009

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  • rings

    Our rings are on the way! Kyle ordered his last week and it's already been shipped. Mine is being custom made by a company called Touch Wood Rings. The process of making a ring takes about a month and they just started with mine recently. They sent me an update a couple days ago with a few photos, but have asked me not to post them so I can't show you, unfortunately. But suffice to say I'm excited!

    Side bar: I bought a digital SLR camera the other day. I haven't tried it out yet, but I hope to this weekend!

    Added by Nicole on Fri, May 22nd 2009

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  • Welcome to the Wedsite!

    As it turns out, it's very easy to accidentally delete a post, so this is the second time I've written our "welcome to our site" post. Oops. Also, my deleting the post also deleted your comment, Michelle! Sorry. I'll be more careful next time!

    So we started a Wedsite! Eventually we hope this wedsite will be your one stop shop for information about our wedding. You can help make it most helpful to you by asking us questions for which you don't know the answer, and by highlighting questions you want answered first. We will prioritize our updates around what you want to know. Please sign the guestbook when you drop by. Knowing that people visit the site will encourage us to update it more often ;)

    Added by Nicole on Fri, May 22nd 2009